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CRPUB Medical Video Journal

Creative thinking in medicine

CRPUB Medical Video Journal Open Access publishes on line the latest innovative operations of the in the fields of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, Timedsurgery and Phlebology.  CRPUB Medical Video Journal is registered at the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Centre: ISSN 1971-8152

Knowledge Transfer

Through its video section, CRPUB Medical Video Journal promotes the transfer of knowledge. Visualization facilitates the understanding and efficient reproduction of new techniques. Videos overcome the inherent limitations of traditional, static, print publications.
At the end of the text of the of the spoken commentary, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Post-Publication Review. This latter is extremely important because it enables you to assess how up-to-date the techniques presented are, even years later. If you register, you can also ask questions or send in
messages about the video you are watching.
An effective scientific communication is a vital aid to learning new surgical techniques. This is why we have decided to create a video journal.
The CRPUB Medical Video Journal deals with highly innovative topics.
The Medical Video Journal’s sections on Elastic Plastic Surgery, Adipofilling, Phlebotherapy and Timedsurgery revolutionize traditional concepts. If you subscribe to CRPUB, you can watch videos of new procedures free of charge, as if you were standing next to the operating table. In this way it is easier to grasp the conceptual differences underlying these new techniques. The videos enable you to observe the procedures “through the eyes of the operator”. This makes it easier to understand the peration, which can then be immediately reproduced on the patient.
The CRPUB Journal opens up new horizons in surgical publications, clearly and effectively combining maximum
visibility with the greatest respect for tissue biology, and achieving excellent results.
To access all the sections, you first have to register. Registration is free.

Get Involved

If you are a user of our techniques, we invite you to actively participate in and contribute to CRPUB Medical Video Journal by submitting video-articles illustrating your experiences.

The sections of CRPUB are:


Adipofilling is a new method of preparing and transferring adipose tissue. The Adipopimer produces a suspension of adipocytes and stromal cells that can be injected by an ordinary syringe needle in order to correct both deep and extremely superficial volume deficits. The results are free from artifacts and stable over time.


Timedsurgery is the most versatile physical method in the fields of dermatology and plastic and aesthetic surgery. Timedsurgery enables over 70 standardized innovative techniques to be performed. 

Elastic Plastic Surgery

An innovative elastic suture (Elasticum), which can be mounted either on the two tipped-needle (Jano needle) or on a normal 3/8 circle cutting needle, is used to perform Elastic Plastic Surgery.  The numerous applications of Elastic Plastic Surgery range from large scar revision to face-lifting, etc. 

Three-dimensional Regenerative  Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (TRAP)

TRAP is a new functional and aesthetic treatment for varicose disease that revolutionizes current phlebological therapies. This new rational treatment yields long-lasting functional and aesthetic results and is able to resolve any case of varicose veins and/or telangiectasias of the lower limbs. The procedure uses a solution of sodium salicylate in a buffered hydroglycerin vehicle, which is extremely efficacious, exerts a consistent action and causes no side-effects.

Other Techniques

A miscellany of techniques, ideas and minor innovations in the dermatological and surgical fields.

Sergio Capurro Editor


Prof.Sergio Capurro

Dr. Sergio Capurro is the editor
in chief of the CRPUB Medical
Video Journal.
The Editor in Chief welcomes new
video-publications for peer review.
Prior to submission authors should
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